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who is mario willis?
  • Graduated St. Martin De Porres High School 

  • Selected by the Detroit Urban League to appear in a Billboard Campaign for High School  Seniors Promoting “Achievement Matters”  

  • Performed and traveled with youth troupe, Life-size puppet characters for Drug Prevention  Program throughout schools, churches and community groups promoting, “Say no to Drugs”  for 4 years. 

  • Featured in the Detroit Free Press, January, 1997, Mario L. Willis, Doin’ the Right Thing:  Dedication, hard work are keys to his success.  

  • Co-Host Teen Radio & TV Show “On the Real!” Production Assistant & Cameraman   for the K.E.Y.S. KIDS TV Show 

  • Received the “Spirit of Detroit” Award in 1998 from the Detroit City Council

  • Attended Eastern Michigan University on a 4 year Football Scholarship. 

  • Received a Testimonial Resolution in 2005 from the Detroit City Council for Mario’s Hair Salon 1st Year Anniversary.

  • Started Willis Real Estate Holding Company in 2005 

  • Started Monopoly Landscaping Company in 2006

Even while incarcerated, Mario strives to be a lifelong learner while helping to serve and uplift  the community around him. To date Mario has: 

  • Completed Central Michigan University’s Honors 310: Communication Course. 

  • Served on the Warden’s Forum multiple times as a liaison for the prison population to  administration.

  • Facilitates the Character and Business Section of the Common Ground Program for inmates.

  • Mentor for Saginaw Correctional Facility Youth Deterrent Program focusing on youth throughout the Mid-Michigan area.

  • Served as School Clerk helping inmates prepare for re-entry.

  • Serves as Dog Clerk/Handler for the “Paws With a Cause” Program.

  • Assisted Chaplin with spiritual edification for prison population.

Mario Willis Maxine Willis Justice Innocent
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