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Detroit Fire Investigator Misrepresentations

Complete understanding of why Arson Investigator Rance Dixon misrepresentation of where gasoline was detected at Kirby’s fire scene is critical to this fire being properly  ruled as an arson or an accident. There were two scenarios provided by co-defendant,  Darian Dove throughout the Detroit Police and Fire investigations. Dove's original scenario detailed Kirby’s 2008 fire started by accident when he mistakenly kicked over a  container of gasoline onto an already lit makeshift fire he started in a metal can on the  floor to keep warm. Once the fire started, Dove stated he unsuccessfully tried to put  the fire out, therefore, he left with Felicia to call 911.

Dove’s second scenario detailed how he intentionally poured gasoline on the walls of  the property to burn the home for his boss (Mario) to collect insurance money. 


During trial Mario did not have a Forensic expert to examine evidence submitted. After  Mario’s conviction, his legal defense team consulted with Forensic Chemist, Dirk Hedglin from Great Lakes Analytical Inc. Hedglin concluded the scenario Dove told detectives of kicking over a container that held gasoline is possible as it would introduce  gasoline to the FLOOR of the dwelling which can be affirmed by evidence collected from  the FLOOR testing positive for gasoline. Also, Michigan State Police Forensic Analyst,  Erin Cohoe lab results confirm all charred wood and debris retrieved from the property  walls tested negative for the presence of any identifiable liquid petroleum product. 


Discovering gasoline was forensically detected only on the floor confirms Dove’s accidental fire scenario provided. Along with his recent recanting Affidavit that Mario had  nothing to do with the fire and that the 2008 fire was an accident is consistent with  Dove’s earlier statements and the physical evidence. 


Forensic evidence verifying gasoline was not detected on any wood samples taken from the walls establishes Dove’s trial testimony was so contradictory, inconsistent, and contrary to the physical evidence to be creditable. It also establishes that Arson  Investigator, Dixon when reading from his incident report during trial, purposely mis-represented his findings by stating that all wood samples were collected from the  WALLS. Also, with the scenario he opined that gasoline being present on the walls  was significant because it established they (Mario & Dove) wanted to do the most damage in the least amount of time by weakening the house structure from walls possibly  causing the roof to collapse is untrue.  


Revealing these two falsehoods is of great significance because they will confirm Dixon  misrepresented his own investigative findings before the jury to help support the false  scenario of gasoline being intentionally poured on the walls in an arson for profit  scheme.  


It is for these reasons, it’s essential to understand why it’s stated that Detroit Arson Investigator Rance Dixon’s misrepresentation of evidence assisted in securing Mario’s  conviction. 

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